Friday, January 4, 2008

A Day in the Snow

On Jan 3rd we went to Tahoe with my mom and my sister, Julie, and her family. All the kids got new sleds for Xmas and my mom also bought new snow innertubes and we all wanted to break them in. Daniel loved the snow! Peter Jon, here with my sister's husband, Ricky, got snow in his boots and cried. So we put gloves on his feet while we dried out his boots. We called them "monkey feet".

Ricky and I were the first to use the innertubes. Man, they were soooooooo fast!! Check out my awesome crash, my whole body still hurts :) BTW, it felt like i flew 20 ft, the video does NOT live up to my memory of the crash!

Peter and Ricky also raced down, they were lucky enough to stay in thier innertubes.

Peter Jon had the most fun doing what we call the "Penguin Slide". He is sooo cute and smart!!

Xmas fun!

On Christmas Eve morning we went to my mom's house and exchanged and opened presents with her and my sisters (Holly, the baby of the family if pictured below with Daniel). We also read the Christmas story from the Bible and watched the Joy to the World video.
Peter Jon loved the board games he got from my mom!! We have been having fun playing Chutes and Ladders ever since!!

My niece, Lizzy, with Daniel reading a book. She is such a sweet little person, and the only girl cousin. She is our rose among the thorns :)

Peter Jon was so happy! He loves his Aunties and Cousins. Aren't his curls sooo cute?
We went home after lunch and got ready for Santa Clause to come. Peter Jon and I made cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip (my favorite), and he wrote his letter to Santa. We also watched the Nativity movie and talked a little more about Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. In the morning I had to wake up the boys to go and open presents!! weird.
Daniel was having fun playing with the wrapping paper, but then he made a funny face. Such a silly little man :)

We had such a nice Christmas. The first one in our own home since we were married. I loved watching the boys get excited that Santa was going to come to their own home. Hopefully next year we will be in a house of our own!!