Wednesday, July 30, 2008

salvador, bahia, brasil

it was wonderful to be in the city where peter served his mission. the city of salvador is an interesting mix of south american, european and african. we saw an amazing dance troop that preformed many native african dances, and some brazilian dances. one weird thing is that all around the statue of Christ there were people making out. apparently that is the make-out spot, which i don't understand. i mean, Jesus is watching!!

pousada rio mutum

here we had a wonderful time bird watching (we saw over 75 different species), going on nature hikes, and just hanging out.

manaus, amazonas, brasil

manaus was an adventure. we took a bus all around the city looking for a laundry-mat. we also walked, and walked, and walked, dragging our luggage. as we were searching a mall (where we were told a laundrymat was) a nice man asked if he could help us. we told him what we were looking for and he said "i know of a perfect place, but it is far away downtown. i'll give you a ride if you want." we gratefully accepted and he drove us to the laundry-mat, giving us a tour of the city of the way, then he told us where to get the bus to get back to our hotel. we tried to give him some money as a thankyou, but he wouldn't accept it. he said to give the money to the laundress as a tip! Thank You Again!!

ariau amazon towers

being in the rainforest is amazing!! it was beautiful, and exotic, WET. a squirel monkey jumped on my head and combed through my hair. i threw him off of me when he bit my ear. and FYI, never pet a tapir. they have flees.