Saturday, April 26, 2008

don't call it frisco!!

this week i went to the place of my birth, that's right, san francisco!! i lived there 'till i was 13, by far the longest i've ever lived in a single place. i had to go and get my brazilian visa, and decided to go to the palace of fine arts while i was there. it was so pretty, a perfect day with my boys and my best friend, jenny and her daughter, natalia.

fun in the back yard

daniel giving me a big kiss!!!
peter testing out the rope swing, strickly for safety purposes ;)
peter jon really enjoying his turn on the swing. he loves to way high!!


ohh, a fun pic-nic with our boys and peter's family. we were in bear valley, near colusa CA. i know that you don't know where it is. nobody does. my brother-in-law said that it was world famous for it's wild flowers. i think world famous was used pretty liberally. especially since people who lived in the surrounding area all thier lives had never heard about it. but, there you go.

therapy dog

a few weeks ago i puppy sat for my mother-in-law. she has a cute little poodle named annie with a mellow disposition. i knew right away that annie would be a great therapy dog! so, i called up my mother, who works as an aide in a special education classroom and asked if she would like me to bring annie to meet her students. she thought it was a good idea so we set a date and went at the end of that week. all of the students loved annie! they laughed as they petted her and fed her treats (one girl ate the treat herself, good thing it was only cheese). annie brought them so much joy and happiness. i really feel that i benifited the most from this day, i am so greatful for the chance to help these sweet students.

happy 1st birthday big man!!

on march 19th my baby boy turned one year old. as you can see, he really enjoyed his cake. his grandma jan gave him a sand box with purple sand, which he and his brother absolutely love!!

that is his yummy sand eatin face. i love you big handsome man!!