Friday, October 19, 2007

so pretty!!

at playschool peter jon was playing with the water hose and got all wet, so the teacher put him in her daughter's clothes and sent him home. then at home peter jon got into my make-up. he came out of my closet (where i keep my make-up) yelling "i'm so pretty!!!"

my son is out of the closet and wearing girls clothes and make-up. should i be worried?

my monkeys

just the other day i wanted to vaccum, so i put the boys in their room to play while i did it. i put daniel in his crib, so he would be safe, and peter jon i just let play on the floor. when i finished vaccuming i heard singing and jumping coming from their room and this is what i found: peter jon in the crib jumping and singing "10 little monkeys" to his brother. it was so cute!!