Wednesday, March 12, 2008


this is peter jon and his girlfriend, meliani. yep, i said girlfriend. she tells peter jon all the time "you're my boyfriend and i'm your girlfriend." on monday while playing at our house i overheard meli say "come on peter jon, lets go kiss in your bed." do i need to be worried? i told them that they can kiss each other hello and goodbye, but no kissing in bed!! today when i had all of the pre-school kids over here meli was soooo jealous of a different girl because peter jon was playing with the other girl. oh, man. and peter jon is totally mellow about the entire thing. he just says "ok, i'll be your boyfriend", "ok, i'll marry you", "sure, i'll go kiss in the bed". but he does get bored of playing house all the time, he always wants meli to play guns or swords with him. or cars and trains. i think it is super funny, i would never have had this problem in poway, almost all of the kids peter jons age are boys. i really hope that peter jon ends up being like his dad when it comes to girls and dating, shy. (unlike his mama)